"Olympus Has Fallen" (2013)- Review

I enjoyed the film, but it was very INTENSE and REAL! All I kept thinking about was 9/11 AND Independence Day (the movie) because of the events that were being displayed right in front of me! When the missiles were being fired, I was just in awe at the brutal attacks that were happening and all the innocent people dying and how the White House and all the monuments were just falling to the ground, how the brave and loyal men and women were fighting to save both themselves and the President of the United States of America. This film should have come out on the 4th of July because it was set in such a patriotic way, you just cannot help but to thank that. Morgan Freeman played an excellent role and he was comical in a scene or two. Gerard Butler was funny throughout the film but in a serious kind of a way if that makes sense. The scene with Ashley Judd and the horrible snowstorm catches you off guard and that was a good thing because you did not know when the climax of the film was going to strike at us! To see the Secret Service agents being shot at, stabbed, brutally attacked and tortured, etc. All that was unbearable for me to watch and that is why I was hoping that the villain dies quickly. When I see a movie & see the bad guy inflicting pain on good people, I want that villain vanquished A.S.A.P. If YOU have tough skin and can tolerate seeing brutal pain and women getting punched in the face and disregarded and seeing your country under siege, go for it and see the movie. I feel bad saying that the movie was good considering all the bad, but the bad is a reality of what can happen. It is good to be prepared and this film can teach you that very valuable lesson. Melissa Leo really did a great job at portraying her role. She was making me laugh even though she was NOT in a laughing situation. The ending to the movie made me want to give a salute to all and anyone! It was very appropriate! Lastly, there is a mystery that unfolds with one of the cast members that I did not see coming and again, it was not predictable and I liked that. Can you figure out who it is?