"The Call" (2013)- Review

BEFORE I start this rating, I just have to say that I would NEVER want to be a 911 Operator! I already knew I would never want a job like that because I am too emotional and to have to deal with CONSTANT crises like Halle Berry did and seeing how it actually is firsthand,-NO WAY! How could you NOT become emotionally-involved in that line of work? The Rating: I was in my seat and then transitioned to the “edge of my seat” as the movie progressed. Even though the events that were happening in the film were atrocious and painful to watch, I did not want the film to end because it was just that amazing, to me! Berry’s reaction to Leah’s situation after the call got disconnected was great. But I felt like she could have put a little bit more in it to make it like—Wooooowww! She really did play the part of a concerned operator! She did it beautifully as if it was really happening to her. I felt in the moment in certain scenes because of the nasty and crude situations that were presented in the film. I really felt like I was there with Abigail and/or Halle! The ending to the movie right before the credits made sense, but I was saying the same thing the entire audience said, “Awe!” I wanted more and more of it. But the two badasses were badass at the end and when things occur in the film, the audience laughed or clapped in one accord and it is like the actors can sense when to take a 3 second pause from acting because they know the audience will have a reaction. That was funny in this film and every other film like it. There is a SHOCKING twist will give you even more chills than you already had while watching about Foster! Certain scenes in the final scene were like House of Wax, Captivity, & I Know Who Killed Me. I really think that I want to see it again because I loved it! It is truly a thriller and the things you see are just…..I cannot describe it-just answer this call-it will NOT let YOU down…


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