"Stoker" (2013)- Review

A spooky, dark, & twisted movie where you have to use your imagination! I loved the opening credits and the introduction of India and how it played out at the close of the film. Some scenes were very "interactive" I felt just like the opening credits. That was a good job! I want to say that my anticipation was rising for something earth-shattering or unpredictable to happen, but it never came. There was one thing that was spooky to me and it was what India allowed between her legs. All the cast members were behaving like zombies to me because they barely spoke, walked upright and looked pale. Every limited release film I see...it always seems the same in the sense of how I view the overall film: just as average-nothing more; nothing less. Kidman's final speech and final scene were flawless as usual in all of her work. She puts the "a" in acting; the "n" for Nicole & the "d" for DAMN Dynamite Performance!