"Dead Man Down" (2013)- Review

Now that I have seen this movie-I don't want to rate it. You know how it feels to have a good idea, to brainstorm it on paper & talk about it but never put it into action? That is how I can sum up this movie! Maybe the idea of it was good like the plot, the actors, & script...but the finished product was a disgusting and dead movie. Dead Man DOWN, OUT, & NEVER to be rescued! I was wide awake for the previews, but once the film started-I was drifting off to bed! When I heard gun shots & profanity-that was my trigger to awaken! So serious!!! Terrence Howard did a great job, but why was Repace there? Farrell did good, but Repace was like...getting on my nerves. She was not good at all to me! Keep your money and be alive-not dead like this movie! Please!