"42" (2013)- Review

I think that the film was very inspirational, moving, deep, and most importantly what Jackie Robinson was: R-E-A-L. There was NOTHING fake about #42 and he never pretended to be something that he was not even though one person in particular asked him to let things roll off his back. He did it, but it was hard to him but he had nothing to prove to anyone-NOT even his own wife. Robinson and his wife had a connection that was so deep tat if they were apart they were still together. They had the type of love and bond that could not be severed, I feel. YOU can feel it to if you watch how he interacts with his wife in the film. Harrison Ford really captured the screen with his role. He was funny, but yet, at the same time he was caring and blunt no matter what obstacles came his way....He was as real as Jackie himself. It was hard for me seeing certain parts of the film where the "n" word was said and how segregation existed. Even though there is no more segregation in today's society, I feel that it still exists in some small form. The movie deserves to be recognized just as Robinson is every April because of the EXTRAORDINARY man he was. Everyone clapped at the close of the film and after you see it, you will not blame any of them. 42 let his own actions, morals and the way that he carried himself BOTH on and off the field made players come to his aid, people respect him and love him, evil and jealous people fear him, and much more! He is the VIP/MVP in my book! "42" was 100! He gave 100% so he is and always be 100% and #42!


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