"Scary Movie 5" (2013)- Review

It was...mildly NOT highly entertaining! This was NOT funny as the first two with The Wayans involvement. All the films that they made fun of was great to see; concept-wise. Tinsdale & Rex tried to do a great job at being funny but failed at it even though what they did was funny-it just wasn't the funny that I was expecting! The ending was horrible & just....blah! If I had gotten the chance to see this at a free screening or a matinee.....that would have been better! I did NOT laugh one single time! I just opened my mouth in awe because I was shocked and chuckled a bit because something was a tiny bit funny to me. In short, do not expect too much from this one-they would've stopped at 4. I did not even believe they were making a 5 when people told me about it. I was not optimistic about then and seems I was right not to.