"The Place Beyond The Pines" (2013)- Review

I just feel really, really, really numb to this movie. Even though the plot to this movie seemed very sweet and noble-I just cannot say without a doubt that this movie had an profound effect on me. I mean this was a movie that was mainly about a father wanting to be a part of his son's life, but he just went about doing it in the wrong way and the film was very predictable with the two children coming together was very predictable to me! Gosling really played his role Ok even though I did not like how his character turned out. Mendes NEEDS to learn how to do something with her hair for one thing! Every movie that she is in, her hair looks a wreck! This movie was dull and original. I am so so so so glad that I had the opportunity to see it at a screening rather than pay to see it because if I had paid then I would have demanded a refund or a pass to see a different film! NO wonder this film was on a limited release. There is nothing more that I can add to this rating. The concept and the message that it was portraying was the ONLY AND I do mean ONLY good thing about the film! The son followed in his father's footsteps and Gosling's legacy was his. As the story unfolds, you can comprehend what I have just said about Gosling and his son's characters. I was wanting to fall asleep because the movie was so slow and boring-I forced myself to stay awake. If you want to see this movie because of Gosling-do NOT be disappointed at what you see in the time frame that you see it.