"Trance" (2013)- Review

I am @ a loss for words for how to rate the movie. It was far far far away from predictable-which I enjoy. The story line was amazing and so was the introduction leading up to the Opening Credits. Dawson was fierce, direct, & flawless in her role. She was very captivating-as usual. I mean she got into character for this film. She should be nominated for her work in this film. I could not keep up with the film. Bits & pieces of the past and the future & the present were juggled up and being shown for the entire film. Naturally, at the close of the film, it all came together and made sense. You need to be in a trance to understand TRANCE. A psychiatrist and a Valium should be a start to understanding it until its explained to you. Lol! I'm surprised I am not crazy while writing this review!!! If you see it...pay CLOSE attention. It is mysterious, backwards, & elusive....Good Luck!