"Pain & Gain" (2013)- Review

It still seems surreal to me-this movie; because, it was based on a TRUE STORY while this movie was funny for the entire 2 hrs. & 15 minutes! I felt like I watching a more adult version of Scary Movie except that Mackie, The Rock, & Wahlberg did not do anything "childish & stupid" but what they did do was wrong but as the story unraveled, certain situations were funny. That is what makes this film more funny than serious! True story movies may have a serious message to relay with MINIMAL laughter. But I was laughing at like 10-15 minute intervals in this one. The Rock and Wahlberg got the on-screen chemistry rockin'! Mackie? He did not place enough emphasis into his role for me. He was funny...but it was not the type of funny I had expected. Rebel Wilson was perfect-as always. She had a small role but she shined in every small scene that she was in! When the film first came on I felt like I was watching the preview for it! Hated that! It flashes back and fourth throughout the film so you have got to keep up with it. Stay for the ending credits! It is odd how the story is told but keep in mind it is in deed TRUE...just an odd way of being painfully true...


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