"Evil Dead" (2013)- Review

The movie reminded me DRAG ME TO HELL simply because of the opening and the ending of this particular movie. The opening was great and the ending to this movie was even greater but the middle and really, THE MOVIE was NOT a movie & I was not impressed nor freaked out. Sure they had some gory and even sick and twisted parts which was yucky to me and not SCARY and bone-chilling as the previews led me to believe. The last hour of the movie was were most of the film came to life; for me. The ending made sense to me simply because the brother was never there for his sister, Mia & his last act of selflessness made a part of him be with her forever. He made years of avoidance up to her in just ONE selfless act and that is the moral of that part of the relationship even though this was classified as a horror film. The movie did not make me cringe or had me on the edge of my seat, but I was often saying to myself that I hope something exciting hurries up and happens because was drifting off to sleep. Like literally. Wait and NEVER Netflix this OR BUY ON DVD. Stay arrogantly alive and NOT deliciously dead!