"Now You See Me" (2013)- Review

Is it a crime of manipulation or is it really magic? You'll have to be amazed! I absolutely LOVED the film! A sequel should be made--it was just that "magical" to me! Woody is a riot! He is really funny in his role & there are so many shocking twists & turns-if you aren't Sir David Copperfield....you will never EVER going to be able to figure out the plot of the movie and who is real and who is fake! Who is the person behind the crimes? Is it The Four Horsemen? Is it one individual? When Morgan Freeman says in the trailer: "come in close--because the more you think you see...the easier it will be to fool you;" he LITERALLY means it. Pay really close attention because this movie throws so many twists and curve balls that you do not see coming it is amazing. I loved this movie. This is one of the BEST FILMS OF 2013 by far in my candid opinion. It was well beyond worth the wait, I "trick you not." I felt the introduction to all four main cast members was a genius idea & the opening credits were magical & mystical! Prepare 2 be amazed! Abracadabra!!!