"The Great Gatsby" (2013)- Review

The movie was magnificent! It was well worth the wait-DiCaprio did NOT disappoint! He captured the screen in 2 scenes solo without the rest of the movie! He & Mulligan worked really great together. Their characters chemistry was on point! The trailer to the film was a bit deceiving & I LOVED that because trailers show you short clips and voices that do not match what you see. That is how this film is. The opening of the movie matched out perfectly with the beginning! The introduction to Gatsby was just...perfect! Isla Fisher had a small part in the film but in the short scenes she was in-she shined & partied down! Leo should be nominated for this picture! He was astonishing just as Carey was. Maguire was telling the story and how the set up was--it was like a fairy tale. Everyone did a great job! Maguire's role was more funny because of his facial expressions & how he reacted to things. There were times he was serious & the other times-his character was just suave and on point! I DEFINITELY encourage you to see it. You will not be disappointed! Everyone played their hearts out! They will give you the stellar performance of a lifetime AND those 3 words Nick writes at the close of the film will make you understand why he wrote them that way!


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