"Iron Man 3" in IMAX 3D (2013)- Review

I was fooled by one part with The Mandarin. The preview was misleading-but in a good way because that one part was not  at all. I felt that the suspense could have been delayed a little bit later in the film, but other than that-I really enjoyed it a lot! There is NO NEED to see it in 3D. Seeing it in regular is just fine enough. I wanted to see more scenes with Pepper. But Downey has this charisma and style about Tony where he can be a suave gentleman with a hint of humor and without any time at all...he can be a cool badass! I like that about his character in these movies. I don't know if it is makeup or what be he looked really young and alive in the movie! His facial expressions CAPTIVATE the screen. He did a wonderful job & so did Guy Pearce. Very enjoyable & stay for the ending credits!


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