"The Hangover 3" (2013)- Review

Epic! The Wolfpack made a great exit into whatever avenues they desire since The Hangovers will no longer exist. I MUST say that the concept was well-thought out. To have cast members from the first two films & showing flashbacks and how they made all three films fit perfectly was AMAZING! The end of the film could not have been done any better! The close was just that...a close! You have to see it to understand where I am coming from. Everything played out exactly as someone would have guessed had they seen every film in the franchise! All four guys did phenomenally. Zach G. really plays the role of Alan to a T. I cannot imagine anyone else to portray that role. Ken J. is another who captures the screen. Ed H. is behind them. Bradley C. & Justin B. are two actors to me seem to just be there. They don't grab my attention as much as the others do. They may say, on occasion something funny or do something funny-but they are not like on the go ALWAYS like Ed, Zach,  and Ken. Stay for the credits-it rewinds back to the first Hangover!