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"The Heat" (2013)- Review

I thought this movie was highly hilarious from start to finish! McCarthy is a trip! A definite comedian! I can only imagine how she is face-to-face! I was laughing so hard in this movie that I could not breath at times. It is so impossible to have a favorite part-truly, it is. Everything and everyone was kicks! Sandra & Melissa have on-screen chemistry! McCarthy was super-funny in certain scenes and then so was Bullock. Never a dull moment in the movie. I want to go back and see it again! I loved the music to the opening credits and the music during the film. The tone was very "on point and gangster." It is very explicit-but if you tolerate a ton of profanity-see it! I just cannot say anything but "the heat is....ON!"

"White House Down" (2013)- Review

Even though I LOVE Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx-I must agree with what the critics are saying about this movie. It is MILD and it never gets WILD. Sure, there is action but nothing excited happened until the White House got blown up and broken into. This movie was like watching OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. It had all the same events as did that movie: the switching and swearing in of new presidents, betrayals, and the torturing of innocents. It was NOT what I had expected it to be. To say that this is classified as a "summer blockbuster" is wrong. Just because it had the action and bombs does not meant that it is a blockbuster. I can say that this film was jumping back and fourth between two specific genres of comedy and action. Foxx and Tatum both had some funny scenes and then they had the so serious scenes. The movie posters and the trailers and clips leading up to this was explosive making us all think we would definitely see a show. If I could, I would have seen it at a screen…

"This Is The End" (2013)- Review

This was like NO other crude, rude, shrewd, explicit & vulgar comedy such as series Scary Movie or Knocked Up. I felt like this movie was a total '13 Top-Notch colossal comedy! It was made with this day in age humor, music, & not a replica of anything that I have ever seen before. I feel that Robinson, Franco, and Hill were the three actors who captured the screen. Even though this movie was a comedy-there were TWO lessons to be learned: one, do as much good work on earth & two, realizing who your true and real friends are! I loved the song they played at the close of the film & the closing scene video--DEFINITELY GONNA BE CRYING IN LAUGHTER! This really is the end because they partied like it was the last day of their lives!

"Man of Steel" in IMAX 3D (2013)- Review

I loved the IMAX portion of the film but there was absolutely NO need for the 3D glasses! I watched the film without the glasses! Just a hint if you're thinking the 3D route--defer your plans! The movie was awesome! Casting got the right actors to play Gen. Zod & Superman. I don't know if this is a collaboration of Superman films or a re-make of one or even a prequel, but it was phenomenal! I esp. loved the very last scene before the credits started rolling! You will want to clap and give a standing ovation with some cheer! It is that good. No need to stick around for ending credits-there is nothing. The Man of Steel was rock solid, no flaws, but he has to have his faith, will, & mental strength tested. An aspect each of us should evaluate. There were some funny moments throughout the film but adding a little humor to any genre of film always gets two thumbs up! It was odd to see the settings around the film like Sears, iHop, etc. because we never saw that in the class…

"The Internship" (2013)- Review

I could have waited to be an intern. That's putting it mildly. It wasn't a bad movie-but it really was all that remarkable, either. Vaughn was just his usual self-phenomenally hysterical & Wilson was just...there. The movie was centered on Vince more than anyone. Granted, this movie was more about teamwork & establishing still had its funny scenes and moments. There were only three hardcore "whoop whoop" scenes (bar/club scene; red/green paddle scene; & the closing pizza dance scene) that I could get down with. Besides that, the movie was average. I was beginning to close my eyes, but didn't. I did not laugh really hard and if ANYONE says this film is a "summer blockbuster," then they need to go on an internship to visit the movie critics who rated this film-all TRUE ratings!

"The Purge" (2013)- Review

The movie CANNOT be classified as a horror or scary movie because the EVENTS that happened were startling but nothing happened to make me cover my eyes; cringe; squirm in my seat; rattle my teeth; or any other emotion that can be affiliated with fear. The beginning of the movie was slow but as the "main event" unfolded-I started to get into it more heavily. As frighting as it was to see the opening to the was necessary in order to set the tone/vibe for what was about to happen next. It had a few twists in the end, but I figured it out-it was predictable to me...but might not be for yourselves! What you see in this can see in any action or drama film. The way the villains were behaving was childish & silly and I think that is why I cannot classify this as a "true" horror film.