"RED 2" (2013)- Review

I thought that this sequel was pretty amazing! I was not laughing as hard as I expected to like I did for the first movie but there were scenes were I let go and laughed and screamed-very loudly in the theater! Mary-Louise Parker really plays a nitwit, shy & timid to pure delight and perfection! Her demeanor and facial expressions MUST make anyone laugh at her! She caught me off guard and said and did some things that really made me laugh that I wasn't expecting! Malkovich was funny too. He is just a fool in these movies. Mirren is a total badass. It's just surreal seeing her with bombs, knives, guns and kicking butt even if her stunt double is doing it...it looks weird seeing a woman-much older woman like her fighting and shooting people! Just surreal but I loved it. The music to the opening credits and ending credits was cool and how the film progressed was great showing us certain things in cartoon formatting. Overall, I was highly entertained from the ex-RED operatives! Had to save the best for last: Hopkins did a flawless job!