"Man of Steel" in IMAX 3D (2013)- Review

I loved the IMAX portion of the film but there was absolutely NO need for the 3D glasses! I watched the film without the glasses! Just a hint if you're thinking the 3D route--defer your plans! The movie was awesome! Casting got the right actors to play Gen. Zod & Superman. I don't know if this is a collaboration of Superman films or a re-make of one or even a prequel, but it was phenomenal! I esp. loved the very last scene before the credits started rolling! You will want to clap and give a standing ovation with some cheer! It is that good. No need to stick around for ending credits-there is nothing. The Man of Steel was rock solid, no flaws, but he has to have his faith, will, & mental strength tested. An aspect each of us should evaluate. There were some funny moments throughout the film but adding a little humor to any genre of film always gets two thumbs up! It was odd to see the settings around the film like Sears, iHop, etc. because we never saw that in the classic series. Something new and adventurous-just like Clark Kent!


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