"White House Down" (2013)- Review

Even though I LOVE Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx-I must agree with what the critics are saying about this movie. It is MILD and it never gets WILD. Sure, there is action but nothing excited happened until the White House got blown up and broken into. This movie was like watching OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. It had all the same events as did that movie: the switching and swearing in of new presidents, betrayals, and the torturing of innocents. It was NOT what I had expected it to be. To say that this is classified as a "summer blockbuster" is wrong. Just because it had the action and bombs does not meant that it is a blockbuster. I can say that this film was jumping back and fourth between two specific genres of comedy and action. Foxx and Tatum both had some funny scenes and then they had the so serious scenes. The movie posters and the trailers and clips leading up to this was explosive making us all think we would definitely see a show. If I could, I would have seen it at a screening or a matinee if I had the option to. I was disappointed but I will see ANY movie that Channing is in because he is my favorite actor and I had the chance to meet him personally-but this movie really is "white house down"-literally.