"The Internship" (2013)- Review

I could have waited to be an intern. That's putting it mildly. It wasn't a bad movie-but it really was all that remarkable, either. Vaughn was just his usual self-phenomenally hysterical & Wilson was just...there. The movie was centered on Vince more than anyone. Granted, this movie was more about teamwork & establishing bonds...it still had its funny scenes and moments. There were only three hardcore "whoop whoop" scenes (bar/club scene; red/green paddle scene; & the closing pizza dance scene) that I could get down with. Besides that, the movie was average. I was beginning to close my eyes, but didn't. I did not laugh really hard and if ANYONE says this film is a "summer blockbuster," then they need to go on an internship to visit the movie critics who rated this film-all TRUE ratings!