"The Purge" (2013)- Review

The movie CANNOT be classified as a horror or scary movie because the EVENTS that happened were startling but nothing happened to make me cover my eyes; cringe; squirm in my seat; rattle my teeth; or any other emotion that can be affiliated with fear. The beginning of the movie was slow but as the "main event" unfolded-I started to get into it more heavily. As frighting as it was to see the opening to the movie....it was necessary in order to set the tone/vibe for what was about to happen next. It had a few twists in the end, but I figured it out-it was predictable to me...but might not be for yourselves! What you see in this film....you can see in any action or drama film. The way the villains were behaving was childish & silly and I think that is why I cannot classify this as a "true" horror film.


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