"The Conjuring" (2013)- Review

I felt this movie lived up to the "high expectations" it promised its audiences with clips and three separate trailers! Vera & Patrick really work well together! Vera's role was more in-depth & exciting than any other role in the film. What you expected to happen--didn't; what you didn't expect--did; and what you thought was scary--WAS! The movie was not predictable @ all & as I always say: I LOVE THAT! I loved the opening and the close of the film. It was appropriate! It set the tone for the film and the end set it up for a sequel. It wasn't as horrifying, to me, at least...but it had that "on the edge of your seat" concept going on. I just love Wan's movies-he has not disappointed me yet! Seeing this movie was definitely worth the money and most importantly, the wait! Go get conjured!