"The Wolverine" (2013)- Review

I thought the movie was fantastic! It was worth the wait! Never ever ever ever a dull moment! Jackman never looks older as Logan. Always young-looking the exact same way! Even though Jean made cameos during the film-she has "the look" that directors are always on the look for. Her facial expressions are so natural that she does need words because you can never know what she is thinking in any movie she is in. Had to mention that. The fast-paced action/fighting scenes were cool and were on the edge of my seat! I really loved this one! Stay for the post-credits scene! Jackman was a brutal beast! There were a funny funny jokes and facial expressions mixed in with the film in its entirety-but it all fit together perfectly! I will be seeing the next movie in the series! Again-it will be worth the wait! The Wolverine always comes back in EVERY sense of the word...


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