"2 Guns" (2013)- Review

There was a great bit of laughter & action-more laughter than anything else esp. from Mark Wahlberg in the movie, but both him and Denzel DELIVER "A GREAT AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING" Summer film! This Dynamic Cowboy Duo really take the screen by storm. When Washington said "make it rain," they both blew this movie out of the water. It was action-packed, had a lot of twists, a tad of mystery and some betrayal. All the the right combination of elements to make it a huge success! Patton was simply remarkable and a bad-ass DEA Agent! I wanted to work with her in the film. Lol! She is really very talented and a master at acting! I have never in my life besides in RED 1 AND RED 2 see a woman kick some ass like Paula did in this film. There was NEVER a dull moment in this film. The reactions from the audience were NOTHING but good: a lot of laughs and great comments about t he performances of the entire cast. They all loved Mark's "wink" scenes and Denzel is an icon so everything he said and did was on point and he never disappoints his fans who admire and respect his work! If I had not seen this at an early screening-I would have paid any amount of money to see it in theaters. Mark, Paula, and Denzel are three terrific actors who contributed a lot of people and to this film and their careers so 2 Guns y'all---just shoot them 2 Guns! Yee-haw!