"The Butler" (2013)- Review

Intense film. There were some real deep deep feelings associated with this movie. When Directors choose to make films about such topics as exhibited in this movie it tends to stir up conflict in some sort of way with audiences and other celebrities, I feel. To see African Americans & Caucasians divided; fights; racism; The KKK; terminology used to define people; etc. I feel numb, really. A part of me is glad movies are being made like this to depict how this type of behavior still exists in society. May not be as severe as in the '60s & so on & another part of me feels pain because I would not want people to get any ideas from such films. I hate to see what was going on before I was born. Segregation and spitting in people's faces, etc. That is hard for me to see in a movie, just imagine how you would feel to see it in real life? I would not wish it on anyone, anywhere. I appreciate the film and I think Oprah & Forest did a phenomenal job! The entire cast did wonderful and Gooding was funny in every scene he was in. This movie was worth waiting for. It should be nominated for all types of awards. It is REAL, deep, & just mind-blowing. A great presentation of how one man worked to get honor, love, respect, & most of all-humbleness with support of everyone esp. his wife.