"Paranoia" (2013)- Review

I think this film had the potential to be a success but for a movie that was mainly centered on corporate espionage--more experienced actors should have been cast besides Ford, McMahon, & the supporting cast. Hemsworth & Heard had great on-screen chemistry, but this film was not right for them. This was a high-class film and there should have been a high-class main cast. Liam played the role very well, but he was not convincing enough for me and Amber was sweet, young, & innocent. A more experienced actress could have portrayed and reacted in a more convincing way than she did. Like I said, they both were good-just not good enough. I love Liam & Amber and the film was enjoyable & predictable, but I still enjoyed watching it! I can see where the term "change the game" helped promote the film and about 40 minutes in you can CLEARLY understand why it is called paranoia. The introduction was perfect and set the tone for the story to unravel as did the end. The middle of the film is what needed some tweaking.