"Getaway" (2013)- Review

Another terrible senseless tragedy is how to rate this movie. Gomez is NOT an actress! Her acting stinks in this movie! There are other actresses whether they are young or older who could play her role better than she did. In fact, Abigail Breslin could have done better! The movie was fast & action-packed from beginning to end and was suspenseful but the elements to make it good was there but something was weak: the actors and the weak emphasis they placed onto their characters is what made the film a flop...in my eyes. It kept my attention but it didn't have the umph that I was looking for. The introduction to the film was perfect and the ending came together beautifully. It was the entire middle that need to spruced up. Voight said to Hawke, "I can bring out your full potential to make you believe in yourself." That is what I want to tell the Director of this film-"I know you can do better now GO!"