"You're Next" (2013)- Review

Hmmm...what can I say about this movie? It certainly depicts what the horror genre is known for: blood, gore, & intense imagery. This movie had all these important elements, but it was not top-notch blood, intensity, & suspenseful. The opening to the film was great-it was on the right track-but something happened went downhill. The horror was not horrifying to me. I give the cast an A for effort. It had the potential to be a great movie but it was like all horror films-pretty predictable. One or two parts did make me jump but others were totally obvious as to what was going to happen. The main actress, Sharni Vinson really outdid herself with her character. She was a total badass & she slashed and killed and protected herself and everyone that she could. I feel like the villains of the film were divulged too soon & once you find out why the masked killers were killing you will be surprised. There is a shocker at the end. Like I said, the film was good and it had all the proper elements but there were some gaps that could not hold it together. There are a ton of laughs during it which I was not expecting. Normally-in a horror film....there are a few quirks and giggles here & there but a TRUE horror film is not full of scenes where you are laughing at 10-15 intervals. This film was average and not what the preview led us to believe. Glad I saw it at a screening beforehand. The ending was dynamite and so was the beginning. The middle was the "killer." You're next?!?!