"Elysium" IMAX (2013)- Review

I will say that Elysium made a very clear distinction between life on Earth & life on Elysium. I was really skeptical at first to even see the movie because the last few Sci-Fi films have been dead flops & I walked out on Damon's last Sci-Fi film called Green Zone. He made it up to me-so up to me with this one. This is my NEW favorite film since Terminator. Yes! I kid you not! Matt Damon was good-but Jodie Foster was better. Much better. Her scenes were short & the focus was placed on Damon's character but Foster captured the screen for EVERY single second for EVERY single time she had a part in the movie. I will say Damon was bad but Foster was a "badder badass!" She placed emphasis with her acting and she really got into the "controlling; strong-willed and independent woman" character. I saw it in IMAX & it was loud, believable & AMAZING!


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