"Lovelace" (2013)- Review

The truth does go deep in this movie. This is a TRUE STORY of an ex-porn star and the hardships and trials she faced & how she took control of her life and her abusive husband. I, honestly cannot stand movies like this simply because it is sad to see a woman getting beaten & treated like garbage. In another since...it can be positive thing because the films based on actual events, the books and all the tools that these women use to gain control back of their lives and find solace can help other women going through similar problems. Any film that is based on true events has the same message to relay: to bring change & to impact some one's life for the better. Even though I know absolutely nothing about the porn industry-I know that biographies of people's lives are being told because they have reached a point in their lives where they are ready to really expose intimate details of their lives with people to affect them in a positive way. Lovelace did affect me because I feel for women who have to endure what she did. Some do not have the willpower to stand up and others do. Lovelace provides that.


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