"Insidious: Chapter 2" (2013)- Review

I enjoyed the movie. I loved the intense anticipation in ONE scene in the movie! This one scene really had me on the edge of my seat. Other scenes were shocking but did not get that "scary" reaction out of me. I think Wan did a good job but it could have been a bit more freighting like Dead Silence or Conjuring. There are different levels of freighting people and the tools used to portray the type of horror you are trying to project onto someone. This was medium and low-key horror. This movie made me shiver but not yell or take a deep breath or scare me. Wilson really did a pretty average job while Byrne did the same. They both were good-but not that captivating. The way that the movie ended seems to suggest a third film or the end-literally; the end. It can go either way but I don't see where they can go with the story-line because everything that needed to be covered was. In conclusion, Part 1 was better than this one but this one should have had more chills and thrills as the first if this IS the last. Loved the introduction & the Opening Credits. It set the tone for the film. You need Part 1 to comprehend this sequel. 


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