"Baggage Claim" (2013)- Review

Flawlessly epic! Absolutely magically & remarkably perfect! I loved it from start 2 finish. The beginning started off beautifully with Paula Patton's gorgeous face and ended the same way but with a different ending result! I'm getting chills just writing this review because I loved the movie just that much! Jill Scott was "fiercely nutty" in every meaning of the phrase! She & Paula MADE the movie-do you hear me? Made it! Adam Brody was funny but not as funny as those two! The scene between Kodjoe & Patton had the audience moaning & blurting and clapping! The sheer imagery and reactions from the actors on the screen captured me! Everything made sense; everything fit together; it was sweet & romantic while being comical. Patton really "took off " in the lead in this movie! She is flying high & this movie proves it! It has a stellar cast, shining moments; & a touching message towards the close of the film. I saw it at a screening & I want to PAY just to see it again! I am in love with the entire cast! I strongly support African-American films!!! The actors did a spectacular and phenomenally exquisite job! I have to compliment this movie with the highest accord because it is "the best movie in the air!" Paula is a sensational actress! I have never laughed so hard in all my life as I did for this movie. I loved the vibe and the cast. The ending man that "earned" Montana's heart was the guy I guessed! Will you? Damon? Curtis? Langston? Anyone??? Claim people! Claim that man in your bags! You make like what you find.....happy traveling!