"The Family" (2013)- Review

It was a crime drama but not hardcore like The Godfather, Casino, The Untouchables, or anything like that-more on the comedy aspect side than anything. To say that three top-notch actors starred in this movie, I was disappointed  All the parts that the audience laughed and chuckled at; I didn't. That does not mean it was not funny to me-it just did not require me to have a loud and visible reaction. There were several things that happened in this movie that was just shocking and/or funny and I just looked at the screen in awe rather than laugh out loud or even chuckle. I assume these parts are funny to certain people and just not me. I guess the dumbest things in funny movies make me laugh more than funny things in other films. I dunno, but the movie was entertaining! Just was looking for more. I watched the trailer for it for so long-I was let down.