"Prisoners" ( 2013)- Review

I think this time...and it is rare-the critics went too much with positivity with the movie. I kept reading reviews that said it is "jaw dropping; extensive gore; suspenseful; & thrilling/chilling at the edge of your seat." I felt all these characteristics, but they were mediocre & NOT in-depth hardcore as the ratings was creating it to be! Certain parts: Yes. The entire movie: No, unfortunately. By the close of the film-you can understand the title of the film & the shocking ending that surprised audiences INCLUDING myself! I hated the ending and from the reaction from the crowd-so did they. When the villain is revealed-you will cringe! Totally unexpected! Jackman was bringing out The Wolverine in almost every part when he displayed anger/dismay. He & Gyllenhaal really got into character & worked very well together. Gore. There were not that many gory scenes--some are disgusting and acceptable while others just make you want to cry in agony! They mix well and they keep you on the edge of your seat because you do not know what type of gory pain is heading your way. It is suspenseful; neither predictable nor chilling as a whole-but CERTAIN scenes are! That is what you need to remember!