"Don Jon" (2013)- Review

For Levitt's directorial debut, he did a fairly good job creating a movie that has been made in the past by thousands of actors. Lol! Joseph did a really good job portraying the playboy-type while maintaining his daily life surrounded by his family, his friends, his church and of course his obsessive love for porn. As soon as the movie began, he set the tone for what was next to come; which was perfect. As the film progressed on, it got more funny and enjoyable but lacking the "spice" to keep my attention. Just because a movie shows skin, sex, and provocative nudity does not mean that it will keep everyone's attention. It all is about the way in which an actor chooses to portray these characteristics to the audience. If they will do something to keep us engaged. I was engaged but not fully into it as the preview for this movie led me to believe. The character of Barbara was trying to teach Jon how to COMMIT to something. She was playing hard to get and making Jon work to deserve her love and affection, but she had a bit of a side that no real man would take no matter how attractive you are while the character of Esther showed Jon how to CHANGE and how to do it for HIMSELF and not for anyone else. It was weird to see Esther and Jon together because Esther was an old lady, at least to me, but she taught him how to reciprocate feelings, how to be true and know that a real relationship is about trust and losing yourself together rather than apart and just having meaningless sex that means nothing to one person and not the other. Esther brought a better man out of Jon. This film teaches us this: if you really love someone and they love you back-that is what you need and you feel something for each other but if you are just having sex and it means nothing to you and you are not happy, then it is not for you. THAT LAST 25 MINUTES OF THE FILM is the best part of the entire film because Julianne Moore displays to the audience what she knew Jon had in him to be released....


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