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"The Counselor" (2013)- Review

Have You Been Bad? What a question to ask yourself if you want to subject yourself to see this film. It can go either way. From the the all the clips for this movie leading up to the big debut: Outstanding! Having Seen The Movie: Eh, just average. I will not say the movie was not worth my time and money because it was-it's's not what I expected. It had a great start, great introduction, great cast, suspense, a little sexual seduction, action with some gory parts, but all those greats could not make it a hit! I did not drift away during the movie, but I felt like I was always waiting to see something monumental happen. To me, it was predictable but the ONE person whose performance captivated me was that of Cameron Diaz! The things she said and did in the film impressed me. Never saw her in a role such as the one in this film! Fassbender captured me in ONE part and that was his FINAL scene. I guess he saved his "best for last." The…

"Escape Plan" (2013)- Review

Schwarzengger+Stallone=DONE! I just rated the movie! Like, literally. It was explosive from START to FINISH! Those two really did great jobs at their respective characters! The movie had action, it had bloody scenes, it had some shocks and mysterious turns, but Jim C. who played The Warden Hobbs. PLAYED that role. All I had to do was focus on his eyes and his eyes literally told you he had an agenda. He played his role, perfectly. The killing was not gory, was not over the top, it was just right. 50 Cent needs to stick to singing. His acting stinks-he was just plain. He showed little to NO emotion at all! When he talked, it was in a soft tone. He had the right name in the movie, Hush. That was his name-literally. Some of the things that Sly & Arnold said were funny. I can appreciate movies that throw a little humor in a scene here & there! But, I loved the movie and will buy it on DVD when it "escapes" into stores in a few months. I got to see mys…

"Carrie" (2013)- Review

Carrie really got a tad bit "carried" away with what she discovered about herself which was what the film was all about. The end was the HARDEST part to watch. Granted, the original was great & this was a remake-a good one, it was not as good as the first. Sure there were a few differences in the two & that is what makes it an actual remake. ChloĆ« & Julianne REALLY got into character. They both outdid themselves! Moretz really acted like the sheltered, timid, & shy type who was bullied & tormented until she broke because of what she was always subjected to which her mother tried to shield her from-her tactics were wrong but her intentions were good. Moore-she was sensational! She was the mother who was just; flawless! Every scene that she was in esp. the scenes where her self-mutilation came into play really brought her character more to life. She set the tone for the movie. The opening before the credits were perfect! The screams, the way she prayed and …

"Runner Runner" (2013)- Review

I anticipated more--so much more! I mean Timberlake AND Affleck? I loved the preview for the movie and fell in love with the storyline! Affleck played a harsh badass & I loved him in the movie. Timberlake, he did just Ok. Honestly. The movie had all the elements to be a huge success but I know it will rank at least 4th or 5th on Opening Weekend. The introduction set the tone for the film and I loved that! I feel like if this movie was classified as a suspense thriller-why didn't I see it? I saw those elements IN Affleck's character; but not in the actual movie itself. I was disappointed because I would see this trailer for this movie every week no matter what movie I saw. The movie was good and enjoyable-but could have been so much better! I keep flashing back to all the scenes and they all could have tapped in a lot more to make them more captivating. The only captivating thing in this movie was Ivan Block portrayed by Ben Affleck. He did his job. He had a good hand and h…

"Gravity" (2013)- Review

Even though I read such positive & glowing ratings for this movie. I wasn't impressed. I only saw it because of Sandra Bullock. I did not see it in IMAX nor in 3D. I could see the "allegedly" 3D effects even though I saw it in regular formatting-I've never seen a movie with only TWO actors like this one! Bullock really did a spectacular job! I can see the message in the film; to never let go. There were some jokes in the movie which distracted us from the horrific events that occurred. The movie really makes you feel as if you are there with Clooney & Bullock. It really is real & when the movie first comes on you have to look around the theater to see if someone is talking on their phone or if a speakerphone was on but it was "houston" & those space people talking-it pulls you in-FAST!