"Gravity" (2013)- Review

Even though I read such positive & glowing ratings for this movie. I wasn't impressed. I only saw it because of Sandra Bullock. I did not see it in IMAX nor in 3D. I could see the "allegedly" 3D effects even though I saw it in regular formatting-I've never seen a movie with only TWO actors like this one! Bullock really did a spectacular job! I can see the message in the film; to never let go. There were some jokes in the movie which distracted us from the horrific events that occurred. The movie really makes you feel as if you are there with Clooney & Bullock. It really is real & when the movie first comes on you have to look around the theater to see if someone is talking on their phone or if a speakerphone was on but it was "houston" & those space people talking-it pulls you in-FAST!