"Last Vegas" (2013)- Review

I enjoyed the movie. It was like the Older Version of "The Hangover." The movie was really centered on DeNiro and Douglas and the feud that they had over a woman who loved them both and then they all arrived in Vegas a similar situation occurred and I wanted to figure something out with the singer at the bar but chose incorrectly before the truth was revealed with the bar/lounge singer. I'll wish you luck in figuring it out! I do not want to give spoilers and that is why I am so cryptic with it. HaHa! The two actors who really MADE the movie was Morgan Freeman & Kevin Kline. They were dancing and acting so wild-they were always saying and doing something to make me laugh out loud-literally! There was NOTHING old about them-they were young and free spirits! The movie is a low-key comedy but still very laughable and very entertaining! These 4 guys had the time of their lives & so did I-watching them experience Sin City! There were some bikini parts that made me want to jump out of my skin and barf! Lol! When you see the gift that the host of the bikini contest gives DeNiro-your eyes shall be red with laughter! It simply cannot be helped!