"Escape Plan" (2013)- Review

Schwarzengger+Stallone=DONE! I just rated the movie! Like, literally. It was explosive from START to FINISH! Those two really did great jobs at their respective characters! The movie had action, it had bloody scenes, it had some shocks and mysterious turns, but Jim C. who played The Warden Hobbs. Oh...my...damn...he PLAYED that role. All I had to do was focus on his eyes and his eyes literally told you he had an agenda. He played his role, perfectly. The killing was not gory, was not over the top, it was just right. 50 Cent needs to stick to singing. His acting stinks-he was just plain. He showed little to NO emotion at all! When he talked, it was in a soft tone. He had the right name in the movie, Hush. That was his name-literally. Some of the things that Sly & Arnold said were funny. I can appreciate movies that throw a little humor in a scene here & there! But, I loved the movie and will buy it on DVD when it "escapes" into stores in a few months. I got to see myself in TWO scenes and I was happy to make the final cut. I liked the introduction to the credits as well. It set up the tone for the rest of the film and no matter what movie Arnold is in now-there will always be a part in slow motion with his eyes as he grabs a shotgun or bazooka and does what we all know he is known for as yes, the crowd cheered. He is not surprising us by doing this because he's done it in his last 3 films. Escape...but make sure u can "break" and brake out free....


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