"12 Years A Slave" (2013)- Review

I am literally speechless and have writer's block about this movie. All I can tell you are TWO things: (1) everything that people said about this film-particularly the statements about this being a rough film to watch is precisely TRUE! 100% & (2) movies like DJANGO UNCHAINED, ROOTS, THE COLOR PURPLE, & THE BUTLER are appitizers-this here movie is raw, unnerving, riveting, unbareable, heart-pounding, just so hardcore & hard to keep your eyes open because you must close them at times because what you will see will be too much for you to bare! The actress who played Patsy really made me feel her pain & was phenomenal. The actor who played the lead role of Solomon was good. He could have shown more emotion in certain scenes to captivate audiences-if Denzel Washington had his role-powerful! The lady who played Patsy outdid herself in acting and picking cotton against Solomon! No joke! This movie really rips into you and has a profound effect on you. The close of the film is the best part. Mistress Epps really made the audience mad @ her. Her character, played by Paulson really did an outstanding job, too! The acting was simply remarkable-but the thing that gave this movie all the buzz I feel was how the African Americans were getting treated during the film. That is what makes this movie-to me. If you want to test your tough skin....enter the life of Mr. Solomon Northrup...if you dare...


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