"Carrie" (2013)- Review

Carrie really got a tad bit "carried" away with what she discovered about herself which was what the film was all about. The end was the HARDEST part to watch. Granted, the original was great & this was a remake-a good one, it was not as good as the first. Sure there were a few differences in the two & that is what makes it an actual remake. Chloƫ & Julianne REALLY got into character. They both outdid themselves! Moretz really acted like the sheltered, timid, & shy type who was bullied & tormented until she broke because of what she was always subjected to which her mother tried to shield her from-her tactics were wrong but her intentions were good. Moore-she was sensational! She was the mother who was just; flawless! Every scene that she was in esp. the scenes where her self-mutilation came into play really brought her character more to life. She set the tone for the movie. The opening before the credits were perfect! The screams, the way she prayed and begged, the camera showing us the house and leading us to her character all was mastered beautifully! The credits were ideal. Showing tiny scenes between the credits: Perfection! I have high praise for the first 5 minutes because it was flawless. The end was brilliant but the movie as a whole could have been a tad better but I still enjoyed the movie.