"The Counselor" (2013)- Review

Have You Been Bad? What a question to ask yourself if you want to subject yourself to see this film. It can go either way. From the Director...to the trailers...to all the clips for this movie leading up to the big debut: Outstanding! Having Seen The Movie: Eh, just average. I will not say the movie was not worth my time and money because it was-it's just...it's not what I expected. It had a great start, great introduction, great cast, suspense, a little sexual seduction, action with some gory parts, but all those greats could not make it a hit! I did not drift away during the movie, but I felt like I was always waiting to see something monumental happen. To me, it was predictable but the ONE person whose performance captivated me was that of Cameron Diaz! The things she said and did in the film impressed me. Never saw her in a role such as the one in this film! Fassbender captured me in ONE part and that was his FINAL scene. I guess he saved his "best for last." The way the film ended seemed appropriate but I knew who the villain was the ENTIRE movie after watching for the first 15-20 minutes and this was a 2hr. 12min. movie! Let me just say that the villain was cold and very heartless & calculating & you should aim to be good because he/she has ALWAYS seemed to be.....what is it? Oh, yeah-bad!