"Runner Runner" (2013)- Review

I anticipated more--so much more! I mean Timberlake AND Affleck? I loved the preview for the movie and fell in love with the storyline! Affleck played a harsh badass & I loved him in the movie. Timberlake, he did just Ok. Honestly. The movie had all the elements to be a huge success but I know it will rank at least 4th or 5th on Opening Weekend. The introduction set the tone for the film and I loved that! I feel like if this movie was classified as a suspense thriller-why didn't I see it? I saw those elements IN Affleck's character; but not in the actual movie itself. I was disappointed because I would see this trailer for this movie every week no matter what movie I saw. The movie was good and enjoyable-but could have been so much better! I keep flashing back to all the scenes and they all could have tapped in a lot more to make them more captivating. The only captivating thing in this movie was Ivan Block portrayed by Ben Affleck. He did his job. He had a good hand and he played his cards....perfect and flawlessly...run to him because his House always wins...or does it? Make a bet & take a chance. Go all in.....


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