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No Ratings Until Further Notice! Sorry 4 The Bad News!

Hi My Movie Followers/Viewers-
Certain circumstances have stopped me from going to the Theater for the next few weeks. You will see as usual the movies appearing on every Friday as you normally do. But when I can return to rate movies-just check back & when you see the rating rated then you know I'm back. Here is what I want to rate but will remain pending until I watch them.


I hope to be back by the 20th for "American Hustle."

I thank each & everyone of you whom looks at my page and every rating I post!

"Homefront" (2013)- Review

Despite the fact that this film was low-budget & had no really big names in it besides Jason "the kickass of all kickasses" Statham & James "the Harry & great guy" Franco--the movie was MORE than highly entertaining! The movie had the right tone & vibe! It had had was had minimal undivided attention. There were some scenes where the silliest thing happened that caused me to jump and then there were scenes with that "someone's coming introduction" music where it was totally obvious that someone or something was going to be coming. I liked the role that Kate Bosworth portrayed in this film. Granted, it was a small role but she lit up the screen with her performance. She got reactions from the audience! She, without a doubt played her role-flawlessly and you will agree! James Franco-he gave an absolutely impeccable performance as Gator! I've never EVER seen Franco act as he did i…

"Black Nativity" (2013)- Review

The movie was fantastic & very predictable! I did not care about the movie being predictable because it was a Christmas-themed musical. Anything about Heavenly Father or the Christmas Holidays can be predictable-but not short. I really wish it could have been longer. It was too short-by the time I blinked it was over. There was a bit of mystery around Hudson's character's estrangement from her parents & when the truth is revealed-it will sort of shock you but not that much but you will never guess it! Every and I do mean EVERYONE was singing like Angela Bassett, Tyrese, & Forest Whitaker. Movies where you must sing and not talk your lines annoy me but I have gotten use to it now. I did not mind it in this movie. Hudson cried and sang her heart out. Her acting needs some work though. She's just too plain still. Bassett & Whitaker-pure perfectionists, as usual. Mary J. Blige's hair or wig or whatever was just-Woooow! Her name was Platinum Fro-no joke &…

"Delivery Man" (2013)- Review

I want to say that this movie delivered-and I'm talking about in good positive way; but I can't. I was very glad that I saw a screening for this movie rather than pay. It is NOT worth a full and regular admission price! Vaughn & Pratt were funny-don't get me wrong, but they did not deliver the "highly entertaining" performance that I was expecting! When the film first started, Pratt was funnier than Vaughn...and then they both started sharing the laughs. Some parts were very funny and some parts were shocking and unexpected. Even though this was a comedy-the movie had a lesson: all the 533 children Vaughn's character had changed him and taught him how to grow up, take responsibility & how to raise a child from a infant to a grown man and/or woman.

"The Best Man Holiday" (2013)- Review

I feel that this movie, first of all, was NOT NOT  NOT NOT like the first film. This one is so raw and just real-it really touches your heart to see the devotion these couples have towards one another. I am trying not give you any spoilers because I want you to soak up each and every second of this film that way that I did, but it will move you. Terrence Howard, once again acts like a fool and will you your eyes burning with extreme laughter; Nia Long delivers a stellar performance as that of Melissa DeSousa and Monica Calhoun. Taye Diggs did pretty good. Morris Chestnut was very captivating esp. in his FINAL scene where Taye Diggs had to catch him. There is a shocking twist that is revealed that I and I think no one saw and that was a brilliant movie by the Director because he wanted to give his audiences something that they were not expecting and could not see coming so BRAVO to Malcolm D. Lee for his big surprise. The way that the film ended suggests a third; I just hope that it do…

"12 Years A Slave" (2013)- Review

I am literally speechless and have writer's block about this movie. All I can tell you are TWO things: (1) everything that people said about this film-particularly the statements about this being a rough film to watch is precisely TRUE! 100% & (2) movies like DJANGO UNCHAINED, ROOTS, THE COLOR PURPLE, & THE BUTLER are appitizers-this here movie is raw, unnerving, riveting, unbareable, heart-pounding, just so hardcore & hard to keep your eyes open because you must close them at times because what you will see will be too much for you to bare! The actress who played Patsy really made me feel her pain & was phenomenal. The actor who played the lead role of Solomon was good. He could have shown more emotion in certain scenes to captivate audiences-if Denzel Washington had his role-powerful! The lady who played Patsy outdid herself in acting and picking cotton against Solomon! No joke! This movie really rips into you and has a profound effect on you. The close of the fi…

"Last Vegas" (2013)- Review

I enjoyed the movie. It was like the Older Version of "The Hangover." The movie was really centered on DeNiro and Douglas and the feud that they had over a woman who loved them both and then they all arrived in Vegas a similar situation occurred and I wanted to figure something out with the singer at the bar but chose incorrectly before the truth was revealed with the bar/lounge singer. I'll wish you luck in figuring it out! I do not want to give spoilers and that is why I am so cryptic with it. HaHa! The two actors who really MADE the movie was Morgan Freeman & Kevin Kline. They were dancing and acting so wild-they were always saying and doing something to make me laugh out loud-literally! There was NOTHING old about them-they were young and free spirits! The movie is a low-key comedy but still very laughable and very entertaining! These 4 guys had the time of their lives & so did I-watching them experience Sin City! There were some bikini parts that made me wan…