"Black Nativity" (2013)- Review

The movie was fantastic & very predictable! I did not care about the movie being predictable because it was a Christmas-themed musical. Anything about Heavenly Father or the Christmas Holidays can be predictable-but not short. I really wish it could have been longer. It was too short-by the time I blinked it was over. There was a bit of mystery around Hudson's character's estrangement from her parents & when the truth is revealed-it will sort of shock you but not that much but you will never guess it! Every and I do mean EVERYONE was singing like Angela Bassett, Tyrese, & Forest Whitaker. Movies where you must sing and not talk your lines annoy me but I have gotten use to it now. I did not mind it in this movie. Hudson cried and sang her heart out. Her acting needs some work though. She's just too plain still. Bassett & Whitaker-pure perfectionists, as usual. Mary J. Blige's hair or wig or whatever was just-Woooow! Her name was Platinum Fro-no joke & it was. I loved the storyline and the movie itself. It makes you tear up, talk to the screen because of certain things you see that sadden you, but it is a story of what Christmas is all about: God. God giving YOU miracles-miracles you may want but he bestows upon you what you NEED and not what you WANT....


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