"Homefront" (2013)- Review

Despite the fact that this film was low-budget & had no really big names in it besides Jason "the kickass of all kickasses" Statham & James "the Harry & great guy" Franco--the movie was MORE than highly entertaining! The movie had the right tone & vibe! It had action...it had suspense...it was dark...it had minimal humor...it had...my undivided attention. There were some scenes where the silliest thing happened that caused me to jump and then there were scenes with that "someone's coming introduction" music where it was totally obvious that someone or something was going to be coming. I liked the role that Kate Bosworth portrayed in this film. Granted, it was a small role but she lit up the screen with her performance. She got reactions from the audience! She, without a doubt played her role-flawlessly and you will agree! James Franco-he gave an absolutely impeccable performance as Gator! I've never EVER seen Franco act as he did in this movie-his eyes & facial expressions is what captivated me; NOT his lines! He REALLY got into character just as Bosworth. Those two made the movie! Everyone did great but not as great as those two! Statham plays the tough guy role in every movie he makes-he kicked that butt, he protected his child & got revenge. The same thing he does in ALL his films depending on if he has kids in the movies or not.  I was very and HIGHLY impressed in this film. It had the same concept as "Straw Dogs," but "Homefront" is better & once you see this up front...you will want to be careful and go out the back! Good Luck! 


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