"The Best Man Holiday" (2013)- Review

I feel that this movie, first of all, was NOT NOT  NOT NOT like the first film. This one is so raw and just real-it really touches your heart to see the devotion these couples have towards one another. I am trying not give you any spoilers because I want you to soak up each and every second of this film that way that I did, but it will move you. Terrence Howard, once again acts like a fool and will you your eyes burning with extreme laughter; Nia Long delivers a stellar performance as that of Melissa DeSousa and Monica Calhoun. Taye Diggs did pretty good. Morris Chestnut was very captivating esp. in his FINAL scene where Taye Diggs had to catch him. There is a shocking twist that is revealed that I and I think no one saw and that was a brilliant movie by the Director because he wanted to give his audiences something that they were not expecting and could not see coming so BRAVO to Malcolm D. Lee for his big surprise. The way that the film ended suggests a third; I just hope that it does not take 10+ years to make! Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall also played the roles flawlessly. The facial expressions that Harold made portraying the character of Julian were just epic! Lol! He played a solid part in the movie. He shined when he was fighting with Q! They both were on top of their game and were just funny-some scenes were funny and some scenes were funnier! Lol! The director really put a lot of good ingredients into this film and it all came together beautifully and everything fell into place as it should. The character of Shelby really outdid herself. I mean she had me laughing up a damn storm! Shelby is a trip and I have no words to describe her-when it comes to her I am speechless! Melissa should win an Oscar for her performances as Shelby! Always! Eddie Cibrian should have been seen a bit more to say he was Nia Long's boyfriend. I really loved the opening credits to the film. It just seemed to be so appropriate and had the "holiday touch" to it. As soon as the movie began, I started getting chills because I have been waiting months to see this film and I did not take my eyes off of the screen for the duration of the entire film. The movie picked up right where it left off 15 years ago! Literally! That was a great way to start the film too, I know it! Lee wrote and directed a masterpiece & go the Best Man Clan Fam all across the world together for this new journey and I will be seeing this movie again and again-trust me whether I have to pay to see it or not, I will be seeing  it more than once! Chestnut really gave a EPIC performance out of all the cast members! He REALLY outdid himself and I was proud of him, the film, the rest of the cast and above all else, proud of Director Malcolm D. Lee for bring us the best holiday gift ever; "The Best Man Holiday!"