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My 2013 Top 10 Moves List In Review!

As I close another great year of watching an extensive amount of films, here I am with my yearly ritual-to count down, in my opinion, my Top Ten movies (from 10 being the best to 1 being sensational, of course). Also, I would like to thank each and every last person who read any, if not, all of my movie ratings this year. I appreciate your feedback and your views. I was impressed with the numbers and hope they keep rising! May next year be even better...

10th Place Winner: "The Best Man Holiday"

9th Place Winner: "American Hustle"

8th Place Winner: "The Great Gatsby"

7th Place Winner: "The Butler"

6th Place Winner: "Fast and Furious: Part VI"

5th Place Winner: "Man of Steel"

4th Place Winner: "This Is The End"

3rd Place Winner: "The Heat"

2nd Place Winner: "We're The Millers"

1st Place Winning Film: "The Conjuring"

-You may or may not agree with my Top 10 List, but that is okay too. To each hi…

"The Wolf of Wall Street" (2013)- Review

I thought that the acting of DiCaprio was absolutely remarkable, flawless, epic, and very dynamic! He should be up for an Oscar next year! Jonah Hill was pretty good himself, although he is very entertaining in everything hat he plays in even if it is not a comedy genre, he will find a way to implement laughter into a movie that he is in starring or not. Haha! The movie was a very long three-hours. I kept looking at my watch. Not to see when it would end, but just to see what time it was. I have not been in a three hour movie since THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON! I was really sad that Matthew McConaughey's role in the movie was so small and so was he-he did not even look like the Matt I have been a fan of for years. His weight made him look so disturbing. I felt this movie was more than just average, but not great as all the hype that people were responding to. I men, Martin is a great and well-respected Director, but this film will be nominated for Best Picture because it is…

"Grudge Match" (2013)- Review

This movie could have come out on any opening weekend-to have it open up on Christmas Day with a Martin S. film was pure suicide! This movie was NOT a match for anything! Even though Stallone & DeNiro are big names-they both should retire-from acting. Seeing how they both look shirtless & wrinkly in a boxing ring made me want to vomit! Two old farts boxing? Really? Alan Arkin really made me laugh during the film. Kevin Hart: that is a given. Kevin was drop dead hysterical in the movie. His role was a pivotal one and he is what made the movie enjoyable. I felt this film should have gone directly to DVD. It was not worth what I paid to see it in the theater. Rent or Netflix this! Get out of the "purchasing on DVD" ring and get in the "eh, I'll check it out" ring! Hold no grudges towards the ones who want to own this movie for the rest of their lives!

"American Hustle" (2013)- Review

This movie lived up to the hype! I loved it! I now call Christian Bale: "Brilliant Bale" because he was monumentally epic! He REALLY played a dynamite role. The introduction was the perfect set-up. The movie was centered on him and he was "centering" something as soon as the movie began rolling. There were the occasional laughs during the film that mixed well with the con artist/suspense aspect of the film. Mixing in mild laughter with the main and basic concept of the film overall, I feel is a very brilliant thing to do-even if it is a simple facial expression to something that some one said! Adams did a really good job, also. It was hard to see Lawrence playing Bale's wife because she is only 23 years old in real life. That is something I simply cannot get past. Older actors/actresses with younger actors/actresses. It just does not look right. I feel she behaved as a kid and not as a wife of a big-time con-artist-Adams should have been Bale's wife and Law…

"Anchorman II: The Legend Continues" (2013)- Review

I did NOT see the first Anchorman. I don't know why I see sequels if I have not seen the initial movie. Haha! Even though this movie was stupid killer funny, it was not the type of funny I had envisioned as in spoof movies. I think no huge comedy movie can top certain spoof films-I could be wrong on that, though! Ferrell took the lead and was great-naturally. His acting, stupidity, and childish demeanor during the film was on point and very entertaining! I just did not get into it as I had hoped. People told me that the first Anchorman was great and actually better than this one. I could not make a sharp and full assessment simply because I did not see the first film as I stated earlier in my rating of this movie. I thought it was funny but not the "perfect type of comedy." If that makes any sense to you. Meagan Good did a more than good job! She was like Foxy Brown or something. She bought a brand new feel to the movie. She and Ferrell had great on-screen chemistry! Def…