My 2013 Top 10 Moves List In Review!

As I close another great year of watching an extensive amount of films, here I am with my yearly ritual-to count down, in my opinion, my Top Ten movies (from 10 being the best to 1 being sensational, of course). Also, I would like to thank each and every last person who read any, if not, all of my movie ratings this year. I appreciate your feedback and your views. I was impressed with the numbers and hope they keep rising! May next year be even better...

  • 10th Place Winner: "The Best Man Holiday"

  • 9th Place Winner: "American Hustle"

  • 8th Place Winner: "The Great Gatsby"

  • 7th Place Winner: "The Butler"

  • 6th Place Winner: "Fast and Furious: Part VI"

  • 5th Place Winner: "Man of Steel"

  • 4th Place Winner: "This Is The End"

  • 3rd Place Winner: "The Heat"

  • 2nd Place Winner: "We're The Millers"

  • 1st Place Winning Film: "The Conjuring"

-You may or may not agree with my Top 10 List, but that is okay too. To each his/her own, but know I love any feedback or comments! Look forward to more ratings in the new year! :)


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