"Anchorman II: The Legend Continues" (2013)- Review

I did NOT see the first Anchorman. I don't know why I see sequels if I have not seen the initial movie. Haha! Even though this movie was stupid killer funny, it was not the type of funny I had envisioned as in spoof movies. I think no huge comedy movie can top certain spoof films-I could be wrong on that, though! Ferrell took the lead and was great-naturally. His acting, stupidity, and childish demeanor during the film was on point and very entertaining! I just did not get into it as I had hoped. People told me that the first Anchorman was great and actually better than this one. I could not make a sharp and full assessment simply because I did not see the first film as I stated earlier in my rating of this movie. I thought it was funny but not the "perfect type of comedy." If that makes any sense to you. Meagan Good did a more than good job! She was like Foxy Brown or something. She bought a brand new feel to the movie. She and Ferrell had great on-screen chemistry! Definitely! In conclusion, it was a really entertaining comedy movie, just not one that I could latch on to.....


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