"American Hustle" (2013)- Review

This movie lived up to the hype! I loved it! I now call Christian Bale: "Brilliant Bale" because he was monumentally epic! He REALLY played a dynamite role. The introduction was the perfect set-up. The movie was centered on him and he was "centering" something as soon as the movie began rolling. There were the occasional laughs during the film that mixed well with the con artist/suspense aspect of the film. Mixing in mild laughter with the main and basic concept of the film overall, I feel is a very brilliant thing to do-even if it is a simple facial expression to something that some one said! Adams did a really good job, also. It was hard to see Lawrence playing Bale's wife because she is only 23 years old in real life. That is something I simply cannot get past. Older actors/actresses with younger actors/actresses. It just does not look right. I feel she behaved as a kid and not as a wife of a big-time con-artist-Adams should have been Bale's wife and Lawrence should have been the "hot and sexy young mistress." The introduction of a "certain crime boss" really caught me off guard-was not expecting that certain individual to appear in this movie. The film had the right tone, the right feel, the right cast, the right players, and the right plot. I know this movie will win at the Oscars for Best Picture-if it is no nominated for that category.